Building the Muttropolitan has been something like giving birth. There is no other facility quite like it and we have been blessed to have amazing people at our side helping a vision become a reality. Our center includes padded foam rubber floors, divided spaces we call our privacy suites, comfy furniture for dogs to feel like they are at home as well as an indoor and outdoor space for play and pottying. It took a little longer than expected with a few glitches along the way including major plumbing issues. But now we are on track and have passed city inspection and wil be opening our doors to the public on May 15th! Stop by and see us any time! 

What we started with. It was a mess!

Finally a blank slate! After a considerable expense dealing with asbestos abatement..

Lobby/boutique flooring complete. And walls are no longer peach and green! 

Privacy suites going up!

And did we mention plumbing issues??

Thankfully that mess is behind us! We even have a nice new dog bathing station! Not to mention a very pretty bathroom. 

The before, during, and after of our back entrance

The finished product!!