A Little about Us

Our Commitment

We are new to the business end of daycare, but far from new to canine care. We have been involved in dog rescue for several decades now. Our passion for pets who need special care due to age, illness or other challenges helped us to see something missing in the daycare world. We desired to create a place for dogs who don't WANT to be rough and tumble with other dogs. Instead, we designed a place for dogs that need privacy, security and most of all, people. And that's what we are offer here, a place that is as comfortable as your own home and lots of love.

Because our passion will always be rescue, we are a registered non profit organization. All profits will be gifted to local rescues! Every time we get an opportunity to spoil your pup, it is getting paid forward to a pup in need. Dogs available for adoption will frequent the center. If you are looking to grow your family, you can meet potential new family members at the same time !

Your pups will be safe, comfortable, and welcomed into their home away from home.  We will treat every pup that stays with us with the utmost care.

Because of our loving staff YOU will feel confident about where your pups care so you can relax and go on with your day!